The incredible impact of centuries and even millennia of changes in land use, climate change, invasive species, diseases, hunting, and more human interference in nature.
Reports published on the impact of climate change on wildlife. One of the impacted regions is the Arctic, where the polar bears struggle to adapt to thโ€ฆ
The North Atlantic right whales suffer from vessel strikes and entanglements in fishing gear at such a rate that the deaths of the whales may be outnumโ€ฆ
A week in the life of a wandering walrus, dolphins, elephants, condors, and bald eagles, There was also good news about the condor. This magnificent biโ€ฆ
In March, I started The Planet newsletter on Substack, and I'm looking back at an exciting journey. Quite recently, there was suddenly the revival of tโ€ฆ
Ruysdael boldly devotes most of the canvas to the sky, encouraging us to see the world through the forces of nature, here in harmony with humanity.ย 
The Laysan Albatros survived many current threads like fish-lines, climate change, and plastic pollution.Wisdom has become a celebrity among bird loverโ€ฆ
Sir David Attenborough on climate change and the loss of nature: "If we continue on our current path, we will face the collapse of everything that giveโ€ฆ
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