Join on a train ride through Europe

If you take the train instead of the plane, there is so much more to see and enjoy.

As I wrote earlier, this week is a bit different from usual, leading to more pictures and less text. So skip this post if you are here for the stories; I only have some photos for you, and these tell the story of my train-travel-day earlier this week for those who don’t want to miss anything.

Sharing these pictures shows the beauty of traveling by train; it is an excellent alternative to flying, and the planet loves such a choice.

So here we go, a day of travel in photos:

I left home early in the morning. This spot is still on the island; I stand on a dike with the rising sun behind me. You may have seen this first photo on Twitter. And yes, that is me in the middle taking this photo.

I love the wide-open space of Zeeland. It is pretty unique in the densely populated Netherlands.

I took this photo close to the railway station in Middelburg, the capital of Zeeland, where I parked my car and took the first train.

The southwest of the Netherlands is a delta of some of the largest rivers of Europe. This photo gives an impression of how wide they get. This is the Hollands Diep.

Wind turbines in the land of windmills.

In the train south from Rotterdam, via Brussels, to Paris. I took this photo close to the Belgium-French border, a scene of endless warfare in WWI, now quiet and peaceful.

Gare du Nord in Paris, the roof construction reminds me of Monet’s Gare Saint-Lazare.

The metro took me to Gare de Lyon, and from there, the next train drove further south through this French landscape.

The blue skies disappeared further to the south (the orange on the left is train lights reflected in the window).

And when I arrived in Geneva, it was already past sunset.

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed the photos :-)

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