Getting through the day with pain

This afternoon, I walked in the beautiful dunes close to home on the island's west side. I am still learning to make the best use of moments when my pain is less and use those to walk in nature. Walking is one recipe ingredient to speed up the healing process, while rest and patience are the main ingredients to 'untrap' that nerve to my left arm. Screentime should be reduced to the minimum.

Therefore, the summer version of this newsletter will be different in length, frequency, and themes than the usual setup. I will send 'postcards' (a picture with a short note of what I saw), 'island stories' (short stories to share with you the beauty or history of 'my island' and other islands), or anything that I can keep short that I hope will interest you.

My healing process is the easy part. I am more worried about our planet's fever. Daily, heat records are broken because of man-made climate change. This autumn will be a critical moment for the future of our planet in the weeks and months leading up to COP26; I hope to be writing full articles again after this summer.

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