Autumn in my village

Island Stories #48: Wednesday pictures

I announced three weeks ago that I would send only a photo on Wednesdays. I did so the first and second week, but last week I wrote on Wednesday about the speech of UN Secretary-General Guterres.

This Wednesday, I don’t know which photo to choose, so I will just post a few. No story, just a few pictures of my village on the island from where I have been writing to you for some time now.

Have a great Wednesday, wherever you are on the planet.

In the main street of the village, there are horse chestnuts everywhere. I used to give one to my mother every autumn that she kept the whole year in her handbag for good luck. I’m not sure what to do now with the beautiful one on the left that I took home.

And as a last one, an ‘alexnote’, as I used to make one every day last year. This was two days ago, early in the morning. The church is on the left and on the right is a restaurant, a shop specialized in articles from the province of Zeeland, a kite shop (yes we have it all), a flower shop, and in the middle a Bed and Breakfast.

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