A morning in beautiful Zierikzee

Island Stories #27: a two-minute video of the monumental city of Zierikzee

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The second half of the fourteenth and the first half of the fifteenth century form the pinnacle of Zierikzee's history. International trade brought prosperity, and the city grew around the year 1400 to more than 5000 inhabitants; it was the third city in size in all of the Dutch provinces of Holland and Zeeland.

Nowadays, 600 years later, the population is only about twice that size, and I have no idea what low position this town will have in a 21st-century Dutch city top-hundred. But Zierikzee ranks high as one of the most beautiful monumental Dutch cities with about 600 monuments, original city gates, old harbor, and medieval street layout.

For me, it is the nearest town for any shopping or services that are not available in my village, and I stroll through these streets several times a week. I never get tired of enjoying this pretty well-preserved city. I hope you will get a chance to visit someday. This two-minute video gives an impression of what to see in Zierikzee.

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