Utrecht, a city for biking and walking

Wednesday picture: I was briefly back in the city where I studied in the 1980s.

For only a few hours, I was back in Utrecht, the beautiful city where I studied in the 1980s. Not much has changed, the same cafes, with the same names and the same interior. Never change a winning formula. 

It feels like time travel to be here again, and it feels like just a few years ago. 

The city is a beautiful city for biking, and I saw Utrecht recently mentioned on a high position in the top ten list of cycling-friendly cities in the world. In the comments, it said: 

By 2030, the number of trips to work by bicycle is to be doubled. To achieve this, the Dutch city is investing in "fast lanes" for e-bikes, smart traffic guidance systems and record-breaking bicycle parking spaces: the world's largest bicycle parking garage is being built in Utrecht, with space for 22,000 bikes. Around the central station there are now 33,000 bicycle parking spaces.

If you don't know the Netherlands and stay here for a few days, you may like to visit this friendly city in the country's center and not far from Amsterdam. 

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